Friday 30 April 2010

Shock me like an electric eel

So this is my new purchase, a plain Topshop black bandage skirt for £12; and quite a good investment piece! I'm excited as I've just got my UCAS card as applying for university is looming, and you get a 10% Topshop and 20% Motel Rocks discount, so I now have an excuse to shop more! I haven't done an outfit post in god knows how long so here are some ways I've been wearing my bandage skirt:




T-shirt ♥ Handmedown ♥ Flats ♥ Primark ♥ Bag ♥ Primark


T-shirt ♥ Handmedown ♥ Heeled boots ♥ New Look ♥ Bag Present



Top ♥ Primark ♥ Tights ♥ Topshop ♥ Flats ♥ New Look


Top ♥ Topshop ♥ Leather Jacket ♥ Asos ♥ Scarf ♥ Topshop Necklace ♥ Ebay

The only problems I have found with wearing the skirt is that it rides up a lot if you're power walking (like I do) for the bus...which left to having undesirable comments like 'hello sexy legs' and being perved on by chavs which I could do without when running for the bus with two heavy folders in the rain!

This leads me onto my rant for the day, doesn't it annoy you when what you are wearing immediately effects how you are treated? For example, if I wear combat boots, jeans and a leather jacket I get avoided nervously by the elderly, if I wear a bandage skirt I get leered at by the bus driver. Being cat called or wolf whistled at is one thing, but it quickly becomes harassment. I have a friend who was wearing a bandage skirt , sitting next to a guy on the bus with a laptop who was having an msn webcam conversation with his friend; and he asked her to look into the webcam for him so his friend could see what she looked like. She naturally refused, especially as she could see he was describing what he would like to do to her, and his friend was encouraging him to follow her when she got off the bus and get her alone. Its terrifying that wearing practically anything above the knee (not just bandage skirts) seems to make the pervs out there think you are warranting their advances. I know bandage skirts cling to your shape, and that some say if you choose to dress 'provactively' then it is your fault when you attract unwanted attention or get yourself into dangerous situations. But to be honest, as my friend put it, shouldn't we as women be able to wear what the f*ck we want without being at risk of rape?

I seem to have completely contradicted myself by making it sound dangerous to wear a bandage skirt, but this is something that has been getting on my nerves!
Anyhoo hope everyone had a great week, I'm looking foward to a 3 day weekend!


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Unknown said...

so love the heart tights. love the title to this post. one of my favorite songs.

Sara Mari said...

Ah, so that is what a bandage skirt is, I didn't know haha!

I think all the ways you coordinated it are so lovely and clever!

And there is no reason why women should have to dress a certain way to avoid harrasment. Victim blaming is disgusting and pervasive when it comes to women.

Winnie said...

Wow that is so wierd and scary with the laptop/webcam thing!

I also have similar heart tights to you and I loooove my student discount!!

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

seriously love these outfits :)
especially the 1st and 2nd. so cute!



Imogen said...

This skirt looks like an excellent purchase because it is very versatile and you have been able to make so many different outfits. I especially like the first outfit. Its so fun and I love the bag.

Rach said...

I totally understand, you bring up a great point about fashion. Women in magazines can wear skirts up to their and sky high heels in the city and look glamorous. But in real life, it would be terribly uncomfortable to deal with the leering.

josie said...

i really need one but i can't bring myself to buy a skirt for £20! and yes fashion does bring about unwarranted comments from some people sometimes, but i think there are times when it's common sense to cover up (for example when you're out at night in a rough area) and there are times when it should be fine to wear what you like and it isn't. however sometimes it's just not nice having some girl's bum hanging out of her skirt in the middle of topshop!
x x x x

josie said...

i need to buy one of those skirts but i just can't bring myself to spend £20 on a skirt! and i understand what you mean about fashion sometimes getting unnecessary comments from boys, but that's not just about fashion but is also about the objectification of women nowadays.
however, you've got to agree that there's a fine line between wearing what you want and some girl with her bum hanging out of her hotpants in the middle of topshop... not nice.
x x x x

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