Sunday 4 April 2010

Midnight rush with the pen in my hand

Konnichiwa! I have so much to tell anyone who's reading. Firstly, I have revamped Sequins&Beads (unfortunately at the cost of accidentally deleting my blog list, so if you were on there before or want to be on there just drop me a comment) so there is more room for pictures. Secondly it was my birthday yesterday so I am now 17, yay! Here are some pressies I received:

Hollister t-shirts from my relative in America, I wasn't sure about these as brands like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch are a bit too preppy for my style but the t-shirts are a really nice material and comfy.

Keeping up with the trend of getting my ears pierced on my birthday (I got my first piercing on my 15th) I went to Claire's with my friend Louise and got two more piercings:

These are the last two I will probably ever get, I only wanted two more for the sake of being able to wear two more pairs of earrings :3 I had heard horror stories relating to piercings at Claire's but the woman who did my ears couldn't of been nicer and even had another piercer do the other ear at the same time so it was over more quickly. They also give you a huge bottle of after care solution and my ears haven't dropped off yet so I would recommend them for piercings!

The other piece of exciting news is that I got an amazing new laptop for my birthday (well amazing compared to my previous craptop):


Unlike my last laptop it doesnt crash every two seconds, and runs a lot quicker so now posting won't be such a chore you can probably expect them more often.

Naturally the first thing I did on my birthday was go and blow some of my birthday money on things I don't need:

Bourjois liquid eyeliner, Topshop watch ring, Barry M nail polish, earrings which were a birthday present and a close up of my new bag.
Topshop scarf

Lastly a silly photo I took messing around with my new laptops webcam effects:
Hahaha I can tell this is going to give me endless hours of entertainment!

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