Tuesday 13 April 2010


Sorry I haven't posted more regularly, I've been slightly uninspired to blog but I will tell you what I've been up to recently. My brother got Heavy Rain on PS3 and I literally spent a whole day playing it, its so addictive! I can only describe it as like being in a CSI episode/murder mystery/horror film. The idea is that you discover who the 'Origami' killer is, its like a movie in that the story line is really interesting and gets you hooked, but you play different characters and control all their actions: whether they die or survive, kill people or save them. I didn't manage to save all my characters as you have to have quick reflexes and after about 3 hours playing you're kind of like @_@ zoned out! I really recommend the game but not for your younger brother/sister, I can't believe mine managed to buy it so easily as its so graphic (violence and language) and only rated 15. I found parts of it disturbing and I'm 17! I love video games but games like Modern Warfare or COD just make me want to throw myself out of a window with boredom and I find it kind of unnecessary to simulate those sort of things(and simulating murder mysteries isn't? I'm a hypocrite).

I also went to see How to train your dragon today, and thought it was adorable. America Ferrera played the female lead Astrid and a Canadian actor played the male lead Hiccup. I thought it was quite strange to have a couple of characters with American/Canadian accents (I can't tell the difference I'm afraid) in contrast with the bulk of the rest of the voice cast with thick Scottish accents! Overall it was a very cute film and amazing animation, kind of makes me wish I had a pet dragon. Talking of pets, when I move back into my house this summer we are getting two kittens, as my cat Alfie died a few days before Christmas. I wouldn't say I'm a cat or a dog person as I have two dogs and have always had a cat (my other cat passed away last Spring aged 20) but I definately miss having a cat!
I also bought myself a french manicure set (sorry these pictures are so crap, I took them on the webcam) after spending about 6 years trying to get the self-checkout machines work at Tescos and decided to go over the nude colour in my new Barry M colour. Cute look for summer I think!
Sorry this is such a word-y post, hope you enjoyed my ramble :3

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Iulia Romana said...

Your layout is so cute ^^ really like it and also the nail art !

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josie said...

your nails are gorgeous and i'm desperate to go see how to train your dragon :) i've read the books, even though they're for 10 year olds!
x xx x x

Imogen said...

Your nails are beautiful, I'd love to try some nail art like that.

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