Tuesday 28 June 2011

I'm a free bitch baby!

Hey guys! Its been over a month since I last blogged (believe me I did try to during exams but blogger was so fail I couldn't even post some text) but now I'm back and I've finished school forever! 

Anyways things that have changed on the blog:

♥ Links under the header so all my non-blog pages like twitter etc are in the same place as the about page
♥ I'm trying out Ad Sense so there is now an ugly ad in the sidebar click it and I'll love you forever!
♥ There is now a 'like' function under each post, so please click if you enjoyed a post, it lets me know people are reading and its quicker than commenting!

In real life changes I had all my lovely long hair cut off (as you can see above), my pig Mussy had her piglets...

...and I passed my driving test thanks to what must only have been a divine miracle (and beta blockers)!! 

Off to think of many exciting and interesting post ideas and catch up on commenting on everyones

1 comment

Winnie said...

Well done on finishing school and passing your driving test! I still can't drive...

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