Friday 23 November 2012

FOTD #11 | Hollywood curls


Hi guys, sorry I've been so absent again! Had a Japanese history essay to write (never want hear 'Fujiwara' again) and it was my proper ~university~ essay to hand in that actually counted towards my first year mark so was ploughing through that. Anyways while I procrastinate I've been watching more beauty gurus on youtube and found this great tutorial on curling your hair to make proper glamorous 'hollywood' style curls. While the actual curling itself isn't anything new I did pick up some good tips:

Photobucket After you curl each section of hair, let it coil into your palm (like a necklace) and spray the coil with a little bit of hairspray.

Photobucket For a more glam look place your parting deep set to the left or right.

Photobucket Backbrush the roots of the pieces that frame your face for more volume.

Photobucketwhen you curl the pieces of hair nearest to your face/fringe, place the curler behind the section so the heat is against the root and volumizes the curl.

Please excuse the fact my hair is in need of a good dye! Moar posts soon xx
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