Thursday 20 February 2014

Beauty Wishlist ♥

beauty wishlist 1

1) Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush - £5.99

I read about this on a beauty blog today and it sounds absolutely amazing, I've been searching for the elusive perfect eyeliner brush, and haven't had much luck with the R.T fine liner brush; but this one sounds pretty good.

2) Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - £9.00

I've read pretty mixed reviews on this from DO NOT BUY to 'holy grail of topcoats', so definitely want to buy this and see if it's any good!

3) L'Oreal Heat Protect Spray Straight - £5.99

Running low on my current heat protector and I've read reviews on this and plus I love the classic Elnette packaging.

4) Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush in So Pretty and Angel - £15.50

I hardly ever wear blusher as I naturally have a pretty ruddy complexion (read: farm girl complexion) but these are so raved about online I'm dying to try a shade or two!

5) Rimmel Apocalips in Nova and Across the Universe - £5.99

I actually have the shade Nude Eclipse but have yet to review it, I didn't like the colour but omg the texture of the product is amazing, they feel almost high end!

6) Illamasqua Sealing Gel - £7.00

Again another cult/raved about product, I have a almighty stash of bright eyeshadows that I'd love to turn into eyeliners.

7) MAC Liquidlast in Point Black - £15.00

My all time favourite liquid eyeliner, pain in the ass to get off but will not budge even if you dive into a pool wearing it (I have tested this personally).

8) Collection lasting perfection concealer - £4.19

The holy of grail of concealers on the UK highstreet, I have bought a MAC one since my last tube runs out and it just doesn't do the job as well as this £4 beauty does.

Have you got any products that you'd recommend or that are high on your wishlist at the moment? Let me know! xx

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Clarissa said...

The Elnette heat spray is so good!

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