Sunday, 30 November 2014

Canmake mint green nails and pearl nail art | Nails



Top coat, colour, base coat // Canmake // Stickers// Some random brand I have completely forgotten

I loove these nail stickers I picked up the other day! They're a mixture of strips of pearl effect dots and lace trims which are so easy to put on the nail as they're already sticky - no fiddling about with tweezers or wetting decals! I just went with a simple design and put them a quarter up my nail bed. For 'raised' nail art these stayed super well, I'm normally very tempted to pick bumpy nail art off but as these are quite squishy and firmly on I wasn't as tempted haha.

Canmake is a Japanese brand but it's sold around Asia and will no doubt be able to be shipped to Europe as well via online stores. I hope the fact I'm including Japanese beauty brands in my posts now won't alienate readers in the UK - if there's anything that's deffo unavailable in the UK check places like eBay as I used to buy Japanese brand make up from there! xx



Eilidh said...

I love these, I never even thought that they were stickers!

Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

Alice Elizabeth said...

such a simple design, I love it!

Alice, That Fashion Victim x

Eleanor Humphries said...

So pretty- gorgeous colour! x
eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Georgie said...

Thank you! xx

Georgie said...

Thank you, I'll be sure to check out your blog! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Elisabetta Dallospedale said...

Love them!!!!
What a great style!

Rebirth - Beth Kubler Diary - Fashion Blog

karen_ said...

This is such a pretty effect - I would have never thought of it! :)

Alexandra - Glam O'Clock said...

These peraly stickers are cute. They would be nice with a red base too for Christmas.


Sami said...

So cute!!


Lulabel Loves said...

Such a great look I love the nail stickers teamed with the teal shade varnish :) xx

Georgie said...

Thank you! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Georgie said...

That's a good idea! Will try a red version fo sho :) xx

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

Georgie said...

Thank you! xx

melaniekay said...

I love those nails!!! They are so cute!
Melanie @

Georgie said...

Thank you! xx

Jeanne said...

Love this! Nicely done!

Color_thread said...

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