Tuesday 4 November 2014

5 beauty favourites | October 2014


1) Playgirl bottom false eyelashes - I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure you cannot buy bottom false eyelashes in the UK, or at least I've never seen them, so the massive selection of fake eyelashes here in Japan is such a revelation to me! These really open up your eyes and give the sort of Kim Kardashian bottom last length (ever noticed how long hers are?), mine are really short and blonde so I love the effect of these.

2) Barry M Gelly paint in Rosehip - This colour is a really cute white/pink, and the Gelly range in general is just fab, totally recommend them.

3) Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush - This the ultimate Autumn/Fall colour for your lips, and Revlon's Balm Stains are top notch. This has really good staying power while keeping your lips quite hydrated, this is pretty much my go-to lip product for autumn other than lip balm!

4) Johnson's peach body lotion - So Japan sells Johnson's products! You get a lot of peach flavoured products here, and this smells really nice and seems to do it's job.

5) Koji peach scented nail polish remover - Another peach flavoured beauty product! Again this just smells so nice, and actually really doesn't have that horrific nail polish remover smell to it at all.



Victoria Nightingale said...

That nail polish remover sounds really nice, I always hate the smell of nail polish remover so it would be great for me.


Jennifer Frank said...

i love the idea of that nail varnish remover, the smell is just horrid usually, i had no idea you could buy bottom eyelashes! I'd probably have so much glue in my eyes haha x
www.jennifersjournal.co.uk xx

Georgie said...

It's such a nice smell, definitely makes a change from the norm ^ ^

Georgie said...

Haha they are quite fiddly to put on! But so worth it :) xx

Georgie said...

Thanks x

Mathilde Julie said...

Great post! It's nice to hear what products you like at the moment. It's a such a good idea with a nice-smelling nail polish remover - they always smell so horrible!

Hugs from Denmark x
Mathilde | http://mathildejulie.blogspot.com

Georgie said...

I know right! And thanks :) xx

karen_ said...

I love Revlon lip products! & wow, I've never seen false lower lashes - fab idea! :)

Georgie said...

I really hope a company in the UK starts doing lower lashes :) xx

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