Saturday 3 March 2012

♥ Hey Lolita Hey ♥

(please enjoy my shitty photoshopping attempt at merging two photos into one)
T-shirt - Topshop - Velvet Leggings - Topshop - Socks - Topshop - Faux Creepers (Freepers?) - Schuh
Nails: Blue - Heartbeat by 17, Pink - Alluring Creature by Jessica, Glitter Topcoat - Starry Night by Jessica

Just wearing this to slob around the house today (sans creepers) really! A Topshop order arrived and I wanted to try out the frilly socks with my creepers. The leopard mani is just some nail art I did a while ago but forgot to post, my current nails are Jessica's holographic duo which is amazing, going to do a full post on it. Also picked up these two Illustrated People sweatshirts from Topshop as they were down to about £20 each instead of £40. They're sooo comfy, I pretty much live in jumpers and leggings for work as I do a lot of cleaning/carrying boxes/running up stairs.
Went to go see my University for the first time last week (even though I've had my place there for nearly 6, and I loved it so much! Firstly (and most importantly) the shopping in the city centre is amazing, and secondly my course (Japanese) is so interesting, one of the modules I can take is on Otaku culture; I will figure out how to make my dissertation entirely on Hello Kitty somehow. Mucho excited for uni now, I'm just working loads at the moment to pay for it as it's frigging expensive. I've actually condemned myself to work tomorrow on a Sunday urghh, hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm off to dye my hair blue! xx


Suzanne said...

Love the red ends on your hair. That pacman jumper is so cute x

Imogen said...

I love the velvet leggings. I adore velvet so much at the moment, it is gorgeous.

Magnet said...

OMG your hair is awesome, mega jealous. I really like the leggings.. they look really comfortable. I think I should buy another pair for days when I'm not doing anything. I have a pair of black velvet leggings with little sparkles everywhere. Oh, your nails look great btw.

megleaisabelle said...

Love the leggings and faux creepers together. Look fab x

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