Tuesday 13 March 2012

Jessica Holographic Duo Polish Review + Other Holo polishes available

More holo on the box - cute touch
Bought this after reading Lucy of Grazed Knees' post on these polishes here. This Jessica Duo (when bought from Feel Unique) seem to be the cheapest option for UK peeps holo-polish wise, and good for what you get as Jessica polish is amazing! Once you apply the holo top coat it gets gradually more holo (silver with an incredible 90s rainbow sheen), and one can develop shit-my-nails-are-shiny syndrome, it's sooo addictive to hold your nails up to the sunlight and admire the shiny shiny. In sunlight your nails look like a fricking disco ball - I highly recommend! The only problem was I found it chipped easily - but I work in retail so my nails get a lot of wear and tear.

I did thorough googling beforehand to see what other holo polishes are available in the UK, and tbh there aren't a lot that are easily available unless you use our old friend Ebay 
Here are some of the holo polishes I've found:

Jessica Hologram Chic Duo - £20.35 (inc delivery) from Feel Unique here
Color Club in Worth the Risque (not as vibrant as the Jessica duo) - around £15 here
Jessica Hologram Top Coat (holo-effect top coat) - £8.70 (inc delivery from Feel Unique here
GOSH Holographic (sold out, only available on ebay now) - goes for about £30 a pop! here

There is also a brill one by China Glaze called Let's do it in 3D but can't find it in the UK, and an Aussie brand called Glitter gal which seems to exclusively do gorgeous holo polishes in lots of different colours! Those are only available if you're prepared to pay the extortionate shipping fees though...
Do you guys like holographic-effect polishes? xx


Joy Shana said...

love the nails, thx for stopping by my blog,am ur new follower,hope u follow back

Dayle Pereira said...

So very cool :D

Suzanne said...

Wow. These are amazing. Never seen anything like this before x

Magnet said...

Your nails look amazing! This silver holographic trend going on isn't too bad. Actually, not bad at all, I love silver and with that rainbow tinge, so lovely. I'm going to look into this Australian brand you mentioned :)

Imogen said...

The silver nails look amazing. Silver is actually one of my favourite colours for nails. The one you used is exactly the right shade and I love the other colours you can see too.

CathJones said...

I love holographic nails, magpie!

Cath x


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