Saturday 9 August 2014

Summer lookbook! Tumblr goth/D&G inspired | Video

So this is a little mini project I conducted with my two besties! India does some modelling and acting and therefore was an excellent choice, and I much prefer the styling and behind the scenes shiz to being the subject of the film. Pretty much all 3 looks are our style as we have very similar tastes, so bits and pieces were borrowed from others wardrobes rather than my own.






Styled, directed, filmed and edited by me. Modelling and make up by India (her tumblr is HERE), hair and wardrobe assistance by Elly (her tumblr is HERE, she's a really talented artist).

Let me know what you think of this! Obviously it's a super amateur production (shot on the same digital camera I use for my outfit posts and edited on windows movie maker), but I'm pretty proud of what we created! xx



Sky Fought said...

So cool! Your style is incredible, I loved everything about this. You guys did a great job.

Victoria Nightingale said...

You guys did a really cool job, Such great looks :) Well done

Georgie said...

Thank you! :)

Georgie said...

Thanks hun ^^

Tiffany Dillon said...

This is an awesome video! and I really like the song that plays while you are modeling these looks! The outfits look great by the way! I especially loved the accessories and the black lace dress that you were wearing for these looks!


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