Tuesday 12 August 2014

Weddingshe Cheap evening dresses

Fashion Elegant Split Front A-Line Blake Lively Same Evening Dress // Fashion Concise V-Neck Beading A-Line Floor Length Evening Dress


How gorgeous are these dresses from Weddingshe? They have a huge amount of stunning cheap evening dresses online on crazy sale  (many of the dresses are half price or under), so if you have an evening or formal event coming up I highly recommend taking a look! Many of the dresses are celebrity inspired so if you are stuck for inspiration for a formal event you can most likely find a version of a dress you've seen a celebrity wear at a red carpet event! 

These four dresses are my favourites I found in the evening dress collection, a lot of them have simple silhouettes and minimal beading/embroidery so they'd be super easy to dress up or down depending on the formality of the event. I adore the Blake Lively maroon/burgundy dress, how stunning is it?! Not only is it super elegant but you can easily dress this down from red carpet standards: I would style it with black court heels, minimal silver jewellery and a black clutch for a less formal event. Also the dresses I've chosen have a focus on draping and non-heavy materials, so many of these would be perfect for summer events as you won't overheat! Definitely take a look if you're looking for an evening dress!

Which one is your favourite? xx
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Thais gomes said...

love the dresses!


Georgie said...

Thanks! :)

Georgie said...

Thanks for warning me, I've worked with Weddingshe a few times now and although I've never received any of their dresses I've researched them and I can't find any negative reviews of them online. Please let me know if you find anything suggesting otherwise, but I've got no reason to think they're a scam company. Thanks for your comment though!

Mathilde Julie said...

Love all the dresses! I have never heard of this website before, but I'll go check it out right now!


Georgie said...

Glad to hear it! :)

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