Monday 4 August 2014

5 beauty favourites | July 2014


Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Facemask - I believe this is meant to be a revitalising mask, it's the second one I've tried after asking the sales assistants which ones they recommend for oily skin and I think I prefer this to the previous one I tried, Love Lettuce. It makes your skin feel refreshed, and I find really brightens dull skin (which I find goes hand in hand with oiliness). I try and use it a couple of times a week, as the fresh facemasks from Lush have about a 2 week shelf life.

MUA Luxe Powerbrow - Now onto two products I won in the lovely Cat's (her blog is here) giveaway. I can't believe how good this is for the price (£3!!), this shade is slightly too dark for my brows but it is wearable if I'm feeling a strong brow, I will definitely be getting this in the lighter shade. The brow part is super thin so you can make detailed strokes, and also comes with a highlighter stick the other end to highlight the brow arch.

MUA Luxe Precision felt eyeliner - I would definitely say this a dupe for Soap&Glory's Supercat eyeliner pen, maybe better than it. Both require an eye primer to get the super black colour to come out properly, the product itself is pretty identical, asides from this MUA one has a slightly harder, more pointed felt brush so you get a bit more control to make cat eye flicks.

Lush Grease Lightning spot treatment - You can read my review of this HERE. I recently tested this against an Estee Lauder spot treatment on two blemishes, the next morning the spot I used Grease Lightning on was far more reduced. Completely renewed my love for this product.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume lifting mascara - I recently ran out of my current mascara so decided to use up unopened mascara testers in my make up box, picked this one out and the volumising of the lashes with it is seriously good. It coats well and gives my fairly average length lashes a bit of a boost.

These monthly posts make me realise how quickly time flies, I can't believe we're now in August - it's only just under two months that I move to Japan! What have you guys been loving beauty wise this month? xx


Geena said...

Lush skincare is so good, I use their tea tree water daily to keep spots at bay but I may invest in grease lightning as well!

Thais gomes said...

Lush is amazing! love their products


Georgie said...

Aww that sucks! I wonder if they would ship to you if you bought them online?

Alex Jenkins said...

I have never tried lush products, but after the success you have had with them I might give them a go.


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Kat said...

I don't really have any issue with oiliness, but a mask for dullness? Count me in! Next time I'm in LUSH I definitely have to check it out.

kat x
beauty, style, life || bespectacled

Georgie said...

Definitely do! It makes your skin feel very awake!

Georgie said...

It really is good, you know if all the beauty bloggers are going on about it it's probably worth a buy!

Christina Langner said...

Definitely love lush products, great choices!

Much love xxx


Georgie said...

Thanks! ^^

Georgie said...

They're definitely worth a try! Worth asking the sales assistants which ones work for your skin type too :)

Jia Achacruz said...

I love felt eyeliners!

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Georgie said...

Definitely do! ^^

Georgie said...

They're definitely so much easier to apply than liquid ones, less messy!

Georgie said...

Thanks :)

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