Monday 9 February 2015

Feel Unique skincare haul (Bio Oil, Manuka Doctor and Eucerin) + first impressions


So recently I picked up a few things from Feel Unique, since a lot of the brands I know at home aren't available in Japan (or my Japanese isn't good enough to research into the Japanese skincare brands). I've been investing a lot more into skincare lately as I figured it's better to make your actual skin happier than just buying a higher coverage foundation! I have oily, blemish prone skin which is also sensitive (fun times), so I did some research and filtered through Feel Unique's skincare brands by my skin type and came up with this Eucerin Cleanser and Manuka Doctor Moisturiser.

Bio Oil 60ml - £7.25

I also picked up some Bio Oil so I could qualify for a free sample (a Garnier moisturiser which I actually really like! Will be buying on return to the UK). I recently discovered I have some stretch marks around my bum (clearly doubled in size during puberty/that's where my many student takeaways have gone to), and I have a small patch of darker skin on my lower back that I've had all my life - neither of these bother me massively but I thought it was worth seeing if the hype is worth it!

Manuka Doctor Facial Moisturising Lotion - £16.99

This product is slightly more pricey but you get a serious amount of product, I only use about a pea size amount morning and night and I can see this lasting me probably 'til I go back to the UK in July. The Bee Venom bit made me slightly nervous but I haven't had any issues and my skin absorbs the product really quickly. Also has a really nice fresh, slightly sweet smell.

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Cleanser - £9.18

I really like the packaging of this, very convenient to squeeze out a tiny bit and no fussing aroun with an extra cap or anything. I'm not sure if I prefer this to my previous cleanser (Salcura Antiac cleanser) yet or not but it seems to be doing the job. Doesn't have a strong smell but does smell a tiny bit clinical, however this isn't noticeable enough to put me off using it. 

Have you tried any of these products? Also please let me know if you guys have any skin product recommendations for oily or acne/blemish prone skin ^^ xx



melaniekay said...

These products look amazing! I'm going to have to try these out!
Melanie @

Georgie said...

Definitely do! Bio Oil espesh, it's so raved about :) xx

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