Friday 12 March 2010

All we hear is radio Gaga

Omgzzz I had major Gaga fan girl problems today trying to watch the Telephone video which was released in the UK at 7.30am this morning, seeing as my school blocks youtube to students I was nearly going insane until my friend India came in at lunch time and had it on her Ipod for me to see and put my mind at rest!!


I was very bored this evening so decided to imitate the look from the photo above where Gaga and Beyonce are dancing among people they've just poisoned in an American diner. Fun times!
Its pretty much confirmed to me that I should never be a make up artist, except perhaps for drag queens. Sorry these photos are so Myspace 'whore-ish' (pardon my french). I decided to have fun playing around with the effects on Picasa 3. Just to let you guys know I do edit my spots out of photos, I don't have skin this clear in real life!
Handy make up tip, if you want darker red lipstick but only have one, brighter colour, then put a tiny bit of black eyeliner on your lips and rub them together before applying your lippy.
This weekend I'm doing a heap of English coursework, Ancient History homework and babysitting. I hope everyone has a more fun weekend than I will!


Iulia Romana said...

LADY GAGA it's the best,for sure ! And you did a great job !

Winnie said...

The video is really great! Love the make up.

Vanilla said...

I love this video :)

Love vanilla

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