Tuesday 9 March 2010

Girl, you have no faith in medicine

So this is what I wore to the battle of the bands of Saturday night. Grey topshop tank top, dark grey cardigan, gap jeans and new look heeled ankle boots. We went to noodle nation first for dinner and after getting the bus into town wearing the shoes I reminded myself that I'm not an amazing walker in heels as I'm so used to power walking everywhere I endanger myself and people around me by swaggering about dangerously. So I changed into my flats and after we'd finished our noodles me and my friend 'Seeds' went into the loos and put on our heels, she had some amazing studded all-over ones from a boutique called Vanilla. I also decided to wear my red lipstick out for the first time, and managed to apply it properly and not get any on my teeth which is a first.



The gig was amazing, the bands were better than I thought they would be! In the end a ska band (think No Doubt-ish if you don't know what ska is) won. One band also covered The White Stripes' Fell in love with a girl and I was about to go ape crazy as I LOVE that song but it wasn't a very good cover so, meh. I don't think I ever explained the picture of Jack White in the sidebar but I'm a massive White Stripes fan! There were also lots of cute lead singers/band members...my friend Seeds got pointed out by one of the lead singers and nearly died!! Haha a very good evening!
Also my friend is 17 today, Happy Birthday Linny!! My birthday is on the 7th of April, I'm not so sure I'm looking foward to being 17, at the moment I'm sort of half way between having the priviledges of being technically a child and 17 means more responsibility but also also more independence being able to drive. I don't know!
A close up of my make up, I did have liquid eyeliner on but I hadn't put it on yet.

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Vanilla said...

I love this outfit :)

Love vanilla

Anonymous said...

nice outfit. i love your shoes!!!nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT!!!

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

KISS ;*)

Iulia Romana said...

Such a simple and great outfit,love the boots ! And .. you look great with red lipstick !

Winnie said...

Oooh cute shoes- I think I have the same ones! New Look?

Oh and yeah, Vivi is super expensive if you order it online, it's basically £20 which is why it's so painful. My dad picked up Vivi in HK for about £6 which is super cheap!


I always think that Battles of the Bands would be so much fun. SO ROCKSTARRRR.

I love your make-up --- lipstick is SUCH a win. As are those shoes!


Linny said...

Hehehehe! Thanks babe! xxxxxx

Imogen said...

I really love those boots. They are so in at the moment and they seem to accurately represent your style. I like the red lips too.

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