Thursday 16 December 2010

Room tour ★

I've promised to show you guys my room several times since I moved back home, and finally here it is!

I had a house fire last December 21st (nearly a year since) so to due the smoke damage I had to have my room repainted, new curtains and some new furniture. I wrote about it when it happened and never thanked you guys for the sweet comments people left which cheered me up when I was feeling so awful, so thank you! :3

I've broken up for Christmas hols now so I'll have more time to post , hope you like the new layout too and please check out the 'about' and 'contact' pages I've added at the top too. ♥




Insert Psuedonym said...

mmmmmmm yeah I've slept in that room ;)

Imogen said...

I remember when that happened and I'm so pleased you have your room back now because the situation must have been terrible. I adore your room because it is so decorated and personalised. I have been thinking of showing my room on my blog sometime too. I love your new blog header. Also thinking of getting a new one for my own blog.

Linny said...

OMG!! I remember when we made pots at school, I can't believe you still have yours. Was that U4? Mine was hideous! Jesse made a boob one... haha. What happened to your Bruce poster? Did it get destroyed in the fire? :-( I think you need to stick a photo of him up, to remember to good times with him, and dandruff man and pokemon boy! xxxxxxx

Georgie said...

@Linny - Unfortunately Brucey was too smokey to go back up on the wall! I'll google image a nice topless pic of him and he can go between my Warhol print and drawing of Bill Kaulitz! xxxxxxx

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