Sunday 21 August 2011

Hello Operator

I've wanted to do a White Stripes themed outfit for ages, I always used to think about what I would wear to a White Stripes gig and this is what I probably would've worn. They broke up earlier this year and when I found out I was like fhskjdfhs&^%"!!! I never got to see my favourite band live! I was first introduced to them when an old friend's family were playing their album Get Behind Me Satan in the car when I was about 14 and since then they have been my favourite band. 

Their clothing, album covers, music videos etc focused predominantly around the colour scheme of red, white and black; Jack White said those colours were: 'The most powerful color combination of all time, from a Coca-Cola can to a nazi banner'. So true! Neither colour drowns out the other, each is equally bold.
Top (turned inside out) - Topshop - Jeans - Handmedowns - Boots - New Look
My White Stripes shiz...

Now some pretty pictures:
It makes me sad that I'll never see them perform but I hope to see the Dead Weather or the Raconteurs one day...I do love me some Jack White.
Oh and P.S I hope everyone who got results the other day is happy! I applied for deferred entry (I know I'm mental, I'll be in debt forever blah blah blah) and got into my first choice to do Japanese Studies in 2012. Thank god results are over!!


Temporary:Secretary said...

I saw the Raconteurs about 4 years ago now and Jack White was just fantastic. You've got good taste in music! x

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Your outfit looks great! I really love the top, so cool :D

MJ said...

Well done on your results! I love this red and black idea, I really need to have a go... normally I feel like a div in red!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous look and amazing inspirations! Love your blog here, dear! :D

XO Sahra
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