Sunday 11 December 2011

Photo Dump #1

1) Gpoying on tumblr 2) Japanese homework 3) My puppy being cute and sleepy 4) Sausages and Mash 5) Got bored one morn and made myself pancakes 6) Nailzz 7) Daisies before the frost killed them all 8) My cat Zaza being adorbs.

Okay this is a lazy post getting rid of some photos that I haven't posted here or have Tumblr'd, and proof that I am not dead and am just a crapola blogger. The post format was inspired by Milkteef, go check out her blog!

I had the most boring weekend ever, I spent all of sat working in the vintage shop (that no one ever buys anything from, so basically 7 hours of my life I will never get back) then babysitting, then doing absolutely bugger all today. Howevs I am soooo excited because my boyfriend and all my friends at uni start coming back next week! xx


Imogen said...

Your cat is so adorable. Reminds me of my first cat I had. The daisies are very pretty too.

Ruth @ xruthloves said...

Hello honey, how are you?
Love your background on your blog!
Just had a little scroll down on your posts... and the Deborah Lippman berry coloured nail polish is in the December Glossybox! Your November glossy box is 10 million times better than mine was. Jealous much, what is the Illamasqua perfume like?

Following, care to do the same back :)? xo

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