Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Ahh it's been so long since I last posted!! In all fairness I have by some miracle managed to get myself a mon-fri job so that is my excuse for lack of postiness. Anyhoo it's getting close to Christmas now so I thought I would share what is on my wishlist for this year (my wishlist which is priced, hyperlinked, sectioned according to item type and marked according to how much I desire the item to make sure there is literally no excuse not to buy me a pressie...) :
True Blood Box Set, Breakfast Club DVD, Gaga x Terry Richardson Photo book, Hello Kitty Headphones - Amazon
Jumper, shorts and skirt - Topshop
Swimming costume, leggings and dress - Black Milk (actually just make that everything on their website, their stuff is awesome!)
Smudge brush, eyeshadow primer, mineral foundation - ELF
Today was a fairytale and ruby red slippers polishes - Deborah Lippmann
Matte primer - MAC
Faux fur coat - New Look

What's on your Christmas list? xx


Megan said...

Cute list! I love Breakfast Club :)

Imogen said...

Love the coat the most! I'll probably write my Christmas wish list soon too.

Bonnie said...

I love that dress! The colors are just gorgeous.
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