Monday 16 January 2012

I journey through the desert of the mind

Jumper - New Look - Skirt - American Apparel - Beret - New Look - Shoes - Topshop
Nails: No7 in Lilac Chill and Glitterball
Face: Bourjois Liquid eyeliner, Stila Eyeliner in Stingray, Blink + Go mascara, 17 BB Cream, Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector and Concealer.

 -I've been really bad recently and doing some shopping, got the gorgey studded Topshop slippers/loafers I kept seeing on the blogosphere; and today before work I picked up these brogues and a cute pink beret from New Look. To be fair a pair of shoes and a new hat for under £ would've been rude to say no!
- My bestie came round for a sleepover and we finally exchanged Xmas pressies, she gave me a No7 nail polish set and the polishes are amazing; I got some many compliments from customers and co-workers on my nails at work today! 
-If you like creative drawing/writing blogs you can check out my her blog here, she's a very talented writer!
- Also, I was featured on Pocket Change's style blog here recently, twas very sweet of them! Click here to check out their blog.


Anonymous said...

d'awwwww thank you meine leibling, You're so cute ^.^

Dayle Pereira said...

Hi :)
I've actually just stumbled upon on your blog - Its fantastic ! You're so pretty :D
PS: I Love those studded loafers !
Following you right away!

Ella said...

I adore that jumper, its so pretty! Oh and I love your hair by the way xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

NaomiJayde said...

Love the topshop shoes I saw them last week and I knew I had to get them, just need payday to hurry up :D

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