Monday 9 January 2012

She's a tramp, she's a vamp


Dress - Topshop - Tights - New Look - Necklace - Primark - Shoes - Ebay
1) Wore this to go see the new Sherlock Holmes film with my boyfriend - which is SO good btw! Plenty of lols. This is one of the Topshop 'flippy' dresses, I now have the stripey version from Christmas too! The fit is really flattering and unlike most Topshop dresses they aren't bum baringly short. Saying that though, I wore a jumper over the top of the dress and the velvet caught on it and pulled the dress up...then I got honked by a van. Brill. I love this gothic-y Primark necklace, I actually picked it up because I saw it and remembered Llymlrs has one and it looked awesome on her; the power of blogging eh? The middle plastic stone has actually fallen out and I need to find it..
2) I'm obssessed with these chinese fortune sticks my Gran gave shake the tube till one falls out and then find your fortune in a little booklet that corresponds with the number on the stick. You're only supposed to do them once and day and they're freakily accurate! My mum read her fortune just after receiving some jewellery and it said 'you will receive some jewellery as a gift today'...freaky!
3) Also I'm trying to get more into Lookbook so if you could 'hype' this look twould be much appreciated xx


Becca. said...

i wanted that velvet dress in topshop it's amazing! and you look gorgeous in it x


lauraelizabeth said...

I love your dress! I saw it in topshop the other day, it's really pretty :)

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