Thursday, 14 June 2012

ELF haul + Jubilee gift bag

I ordered a couple of things the Jubilee weekend because ELF were offering a choice of a mystery gift, 20% off or free shipping. Probably would've been more sensible to go with the free shipping but the mystery Jubilee gift seemed so...mysterious. So I went with that option.
~Le Mystery Gift~
At first I thought the beautybook was like an eyeshadow lookbook and I nearly shat bricks but it's actually a neutral eye palette.
Was a little bit disappointed with the all over colour stick as I don't really like the colour (deep bronze), I'm hoping the nail polish comes out quite a dark vampy red as I already have quite a lot of red polish!
I also got some make up brushes, as they're so cheap from ELF it would be silly not to get them...
The total face brush is a little bit rough but worth the price.
I bought this lip brush for applying my Sleek lip tar, it folds up til it's tiny, so cute! And here are the actual make up items I bought:
Their cream eyeliner is amazing, this stuff literally does not budge.
I also bought a lip liner and blending brush in nude pink, hoping it would go with my MAC Creme Cup lipstick. Sadly the liner is a bit darker than the lippy but if I blend it out a lot it doesn't look too bad.
The High Definition Powder was the item I was most excited about receiving. Tis fairly pricey for ELF (6 squids) and is meant to give a 'soft focus effect to the skin' - soft focus? Errr yes please. It seems okay to me  at the moment but I will review it in another post.

Will try and post soon, going on holiday to Mallorca in a fortnight; so excited! I also have started a new job as a childminder/au pair. I changed my first nappy yesterday and it was not a pleasant experience. xx


Sarah said...

I hope that you have a lovely time on holiday & are enjoying your job as an au pair (although changing nappies doesn't sound that nice!) I really like Elf brushes, I have the big total face brush that you have but I also want to get the studio powder brush as I heard it's good for applying foundation with. I like the look of the colour stick, but I couldn't use a deep bronze all over my face :(! xx

Imogen said...

I have a similar type of eyeliner and it's so good, definitely the best around. The eye makeup looks really lovely. I always wish I was decent at applying eye shadow.

Spencer. said...

Awesome haul post, hope you have an amazing time in Mallorca! x

loveletters and snippets said...

I am totally with you. I cannot resist a mystery gift! Any kind of surprise and I am sold :-P

Nappies are no fun at all. But hopefully the rest of the job will make up for it :-)


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