Saturday 9 June 2012

Someday Summary #2

Errr so I haven't posted for ages, sorry! I quit my job in retail a week ago and then I went to visit my friend at uni for a few days. It's amazing not having to dread 4 hours of mind numbing, brain cell vapourizing work each day, will probably have to get another retail job when I start uni but hey ho. Here are some pictures I took, my friend told me it is her dream to appear on my blog so now hopefully she can sleep soundly in the knowledge one of her lifetime ambitions has been fulfilled.
We like to duckface a lot. Also in the left hand pic I'm not naked! Keen beans will recognise my dress in the right pic is the 18 & East one from JOY that every blogger and their mum has now - but it's so pretty!
Such beauty. I am literally the most photogenic person you will ever meet.
My friend's flatmate did some henna  for me (I would like to point out I contributed the line going up my thumb). I didn't realise henna was so cheap/easily found in the UK, or that you could get glitter versions of it! Sadly it doesn't last very long, I had it done on Wednesday and all that's left now is the brown/red henna. Apazzles if you mix it with oil it lasts longer though.
My friend and I also did some highly scientific research into the unfortunateness of an ill thought out camera angle:
Clearly this explains  why I look like Kate Moss in real life but shit in photos every unflattering photo on facebook.
I also did a little bit of shopping, New Look were doing a buy one get one free on earrings so I picked up the fish bone danglies and the fruit ones. Kind of regret the fruits now but I'm sure they will look good on holiday with bright colours. And the gem/chain ones were only £2 from Republic, frankly it would of been rude not to buy them.
I also picked up two of the Wah Nails x Models Owel nail art pens, as my ebay ones have all dried up and it's difficult to do nail art solely with a dotting tool. Below are two of the designs I made recently, hoping to possibly try selling some of the sets I make soon but that's for another post!
Also the post I wrote on Charlotte Free and Emer O' Toole has got nearly 700 views! Compared to viewage that my other blog posts get that's insane. Hope you enjoyed this random post, now I am free from work I hope to post a lot more, especially of the travelling I will be doing over the summer! xx


Kassidy said...

Holy crap I love those nails! And the fishbone earrings. Makes me wish I could wear earrings XD

Sadie said...

I love the nails, they look so good :) xx

Imogen said...

The fruit earings are actually my favourite; you definitely should have bought them. It's really interesting about the photos at different angles. It makes such a difference.

Unknown said...

I have the models own nail art pen too! :) I know what you mean about working in retail, I had to throughout my time at college and I can relate! xx

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