Monday 29 October 2012

Blue Ombre + An Update!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so MIA on the blog front. With uni (compared to home) I actually have stuff to other than sit around and be bored of the countryside, hence less blogging time! I changed my dip dye to blue about a fortnight ago, I layered it straight over my previous green and pink and it took really well surprisingly. The blue over the green has given it a pretty multi-tonal blue effect so some parts are turquoise/teal. I used La Riche Directions Atlantic Blue, and am v impressed with how long the colour lasts, have only had to redye once so far.
I also went to see Marina and The Diamonds at the beginning of the month. She was so good! Excellent voice and her costumes were gorgeous, a pink satin crop top and matching pencil skirt with fluffy slippers and another similar ensemble but with a heart motif on the bust. So cute ^^
My hair was still pink and green then! I curled it really ringlet-y but they'd sort of dropped out by this point. Also of course had the obligatory heart on the cheek, and I wore a hair bow and mary janes. I very rarely smile with my teeth so please treasure the experience.
Earlier in the month I also had a minor 'celeb' experience, my friend and I met the two guitarists from We Came As Romans in a rock/metal club and they invited us to go on guest list to their gig the next day. I'd only heard of WCAR but didn't realise how famous they were til I got home that evening, was so excited! They invited us to hang out with them backstage *groupie* but we weren't given backstage passes in the end. We still managed to go to a £14 concert for free though and see bands like Bless the Fall so evening well spent imo!
On Wednesday I went to a pre-Halloween party in the flat next door. I went as a dead maid, with my Ann Summers (lol) maid's costume I wore to the Rocky Horror Show last year on. I also wore skeleton tights by Henry Holland and made my throat look like it had been cut. I'm getting a different costume for actual Halloween, thinking of possibly being a zombie nurse?!
We also made a roast as a flat a couple of weeks ago. One of the things I miss most about home while at uni is having Sunday roast! We spent ages scouring the city for an organic halal chicken so all flatmates could eat it, and somehow several packets of Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings became involved. Even though we had roast chicken. I hope you enjoyed this long rambly update post. I'm on reading week now so hopefully more soon ^^ xx


Kassidy said...

Ooooh, love the blue on you! I need to listen to Marina and the Diamonds. Been meaning to, but just haven't yet for some reason :/ Nice that you were a "groupie" for part of the night, hahahaha. And you are so cute as a dead maid! Well, you're cute all the time :D

Imogen said...

I really love the blue dip dye hair. I am totally loving dip dye. If I had longer hair I'd do it myself.

sleasen said...

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