Thursday 18 April 2013

Outfit | Topshop denim circle skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Padua Peacock

 photo Untitled-21_zps895809bf.png
 photo 029-2_zpsfc43d7e4.png
 photo 025-2_zpse2e146a1.png
Jacket - Primark - Hoodie - Primark - Top - Mum's handmedown - Skirt - Topshop - Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Padua Peacock

Wore this to uni the other day. It was sunny enough to not wear a coat - the excitement! Finally found a way to style my JC Paduas that isn't too overwhelming, this is the only pair of shoes I have that have such a bold print - and are also so bright, the picture doesn't do them justice as they are VERY green. Going to start taking outfits here now by our flat's fire escape (glamorous), maybe one day will pluck up the courage to drag my tripod outside; we'll see! xx


Batty said...

Whoa what awesome shoes! Take some pictures outside!!!! :D

Robyn Munro said...

Love it! That skirt is so cute.

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