Friday 12 April 2013

Uni Recipe | Pork Stir Fry ☆

I'm going to start posting easy student recipes on Sequins & Beads, cheap and easy meals perfect for a student or person on a budget. The blog is going to become more lifestyle-y I think! I made this this other day for dinner and it was a bit experimental as I've never actually cooked pork at uni before, (or made stir fry for that matter) but it was pretty delish.
 photo 016-5_zpsc6a5891d.png

 photo 008-8_zps72037b2c.png
 photo 009-12_zpsfe657b64.png
 photo 010-13_zps791d5cde.png

How to
 photo 011-14_zpse198d51a.png
 photo 012-9_zpse9e5cd45.png
 photo 013-8_zpsfd599407.png
 photo 014-6_zps5329c22b.png
 photo 015-4_zps8c096b59.png
 photo 017-1_zps5f5b72e5.png

Sorry this was not one for the vegetarians, however future recipes will be sans meat ^ ^ Hope you guys enjoyed this post! xx

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Robyn Munro said...

This looks so yummy, I may try it.

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