Monday 30 September 2013

FOTD #19 | Topshop Zine Autumn Look

When I was in Topshop recently I picked up their new free zine, and the make up looks on the front and back are just soo pretty. Decided to this look on the front with dark red lips and sheer orange-y pink shadow, perfect for autumn.

 photo 001_zps0278ecca.png
 photo 003_zps30a7a12b.png
 photo 004_zpsf0ccea7e.png
 photo 010_zps16a4dbae.png

The no7 lipstick in 'plum' is the closest match I could get to the gorgey dark red the model is wearing, and I layered Urban Decay's big fatty lip plumper over the top to give a similar glossy look. For the eyeshadow I used ELF's Beauty Book Neutral eye shadow palette and mixed a pale pink with a middling orange. I hardly ever tightline my eyes with kohl eyeliner so did find this a bit difficult, especially as kohl seems to go for a wander around your face after a few hours. Nothing some good primer couldn't fix though hopefully. xx



Andra Dorolți said...

Nice make-up!
And it suits you very well :)


Unknown said...

awww, your hailr colour is fab! love it! I'd love to have the courage to dye my hair purple or blue!
happy to be your newest follower on bloglovin!!!
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Charlotte Clothier said...

such a great blog I love you hair colour and the whole theme!<3

love charlotte x

Anonymous said...

Hey, your FOTD posts are really good! Just thought I would let you know that UoM has started a fashion blogging society.. the link is here

I went to a meet up yesterday and it was really lovely to meet some new bloggers. So maybe you can make it to the next meet up and hopefully see you soon :)

Nisha xx


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