Monday 2 September 2013


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 photo 006_zps52ba3663.png
Top - Peacocks - Leggings - Miss Selfridge - Beanie - Primark
 photo 012_zps9ed011ab.png
 photo 009_zpsd41da3fc.png
Necklace - White Fire
 photo 013_zps91d3be29.png

Heyaaa. I'm on a roll with these outfit posts, trying to snap them each time before I go out so it's something I'm actually wearing that day rather than being 'dress up for the blog cos I'm actually in pajamas all day really'. I wore this to a village dog show (hence being uber casual). We have two Border Terriers and Tiggy (the smaller one above) won 2nd prettiest bitch and runner up overall champion out of about 50 dogs - so proud of her! There was an Andrex style lab puppy competing as well - but look at that face, knocked the competition out the water ^^

I'm actually obsessed with one of the leaks off Gaga's new album called Aura/Burqa, can't wait for the official thing, look up the demo on youtube! She's working with so many good DJs/Producers on this album I am so excited!! xx

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