Tuesday 24 September 2013

How to pack for a holiday...with only hand luggage

So I had read an article in Cosmo recently about different holidaymakers attitudes to packing and this one girl just took hand luggage and I remember thinking I could never do that. But I discovered recently I HAD TO.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a child minder/nanny when I'm home from uni and the family I work for asked me to go on holiday with them to help with the kids. It was only for 5 days but I am by no means a light packer. I cannot do a 'capsule wardrobe', and I bring a hell of a lot of full sized toiletries with me when I travel

So, I thought I'd document my attempt and publish the results here in case anyone else has to go through the same torture.

Step 1)

Identify the hand luggage size allowances

 photo 008_zps56eafa78.png

I am flying with RyanAir which means I have the shittiest allowances when it comes to luggage. I am allowed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm bag which can weigh up to 10kg. Which pretty much allows me to bring a change of knickers and a bikini. I kid but RyanAir really are tight bastards

Step 2)

Consider the length of your trip, if there is a washing machine where you will be staying, and if they have things like towels and hair dryers already.

 photo 003_zps13a18ac8.png

I went for 5 days and there's a washing machine so I don't need a lot of clothes. I managed to fit in 5 tops, 1 dress, 1 playsuit, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bikinis, 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of leggings.

 photo 004_zpsfc16e9be.png

 photo 002_zps63563c8a.png

Step 3)

 photo 001_zpsb50c7238.png

Consider what you CANNOT bring in hand luggage. Nothing sharp, which means no nail scissors, tweezers or razors. You can however buy all of these things once you get through security into duty free. 

Your toiletries are also limited to 100ml each (including the bottle size, even if there is only 100ml worth of liquids inside). So decant things into 100ml bottles or buy travel sizes. 

However - don't get caught out like I did by putting all of of your toiletries into a ziplock back which is too big - makes sure it is 20 cm x 20 cm!!

 photo 007_zps7040b5b1.png

Step 4)

Remember your hand luggage is your ONLY luggage. You cannot take your hand luggage through with a handbag as well, so remember to throw one in for when you're travelling.

 photo 006_zps6d493c7d.png

Step 5) 

Don't forget the travel essentials! Passport/boarding pass/purse/phone etc.

 photo 005_zpsc1f1a1ac.png

Step 6)

Finished! Check the weight of your bag and that it actually closes...

 photo 010_zpsbf4388c5.png

Hope this was helpful! Honestly I would not want to travel this way again unless it was a short trip because I did struggle with the lack of toiletries I could bring (as I ended up losing a lot of body shop skincare at security :( ) but I ended up not really missing them when I got to Italy anyways! xx

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