Thursday 6 March 2014

What I've been up to | Instagram #2

New choker / mini lippy haul / claw ring mani / selfie 1 / selfie 2 (totally don't take that many I swear) / end of exams celebratory wine with housemates / glittery accent naul / Yo! Roll / Cucumber maki / post-sushi plate stack / Dorayaki (this stuff is amazing) / how to properly wear a necklace

Nandos for housemate's bday / Valentine's day dinner / chinese takeaway feast / bestie's Topshop sock collection / Maccy Ds / Primark's cute sock selection / got a free mani in Topshop / pastel fountains in Manchester/s picadilly gardens / another selfie / Elly rocking my hello kitty headphones / Primark sock haul / Costa break

Instagram: liquoricepearls

Just a quick insta-update! I have a three day weekend as I have Fridays off uni so going to schedule some posts now, been super busy these past few weekends so this one is going to be quite relaxing in comparison! Going out to a nice restaurant to celebrate bf and my anniversary on Sunday so will take some photos then, prepare for the instagram overflow. My bank balance isn't going to thank me though, hurry up student loan plz. xx

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