Sunday 16 March 2014

Dinner at Australasia Manchester

For the bf and my anniversary we went to Australasia for dinner and omg it was amazing. I totally recommend the place, but be warned it is not for the student budget! Our bank accounts didn't thank us but our stomachs definitely did - the food is absolutely insane.

Valentines and annoversary 011

The waiter came over and grated us some fresh wasabi / my heavenly pork belly with pineapple curry main

You can either choose to order the standard way: starter, main, dessert or or you can order lots of small dishes. As you might have guessed from the restaurant name, the food served there is based on traditional food from the countries in Australasia. There are lot of really interesting dishes to choose from, especially the huge array of sushi.

Valentines and annoversary 009

Having only tried Yo Sushi/Supermarket sushi before this was the best stuff I'd ever had. My bf had sashimi as his starter and it was incredible, you only get a few pieces but it was imported from some Loch Duart Scotland and amazingly fresh tasting. I opted for the smoked duck dragon roll which was uber yummy, and also had cottage cheese in the very middle which I thought was a bit unusual for sushi? The only problem I had was the chopstick etiquette as the dragon rolls were so big, did try and eat one whole but fyi not an attractive look.


Valentines and annoversary 013

We ended up going for a starter and a main, we were tempted by puddings as well but as I mentioned before, not on a student budget haha. I went for the pork belly and pineapple curry (didn't manage to get a good photo of it though, but see the first pic for the pork) and it was incredible. I may have mentioned before that my family used to breed rare breed pigs so I am used to really good pork (from uber happy pigs) at home, however I think the pork I had at Australasia was the best I've ever had. I only wish I had more of it!

Valentines and annoversary 014

The bf had something way more adventurous than me, I just had to look up the menu to get the full title of it for you guys: 'roasted monkfish with razor clams, chorizo and squid'. And no, I have no idea what those bubbly/foamy bits are but according to him they were tasty bubbles so that's all that matters. Also the black streak on the plate? Not part of the plate, but actually squid ink! Very exciting.

Valentines and annoversary 010

Bag - Primark
Dress - Topshop
Necklace - c/o Rings&Tings

What I wore above, on reflection probably not the best idea to wear clear tights when the rest of me is so pale but didn't want to risk bare legs when it's not quite spring yet. In summary I would definitely recommend visiting Australasia if the occasion calls for a fancy meal, it's in a really nice area of Manchester and right outside Armarni, was lovely to feel glam and unstudenty for the night! Btw this post is not sponsored, I wish ha xx

P.S Bf took most of the photos, he wanted to be credited haha


Unknown said...

Mmm that looks so nice <3 Such a cute date for your anniversary - how lovely:)

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ooh everything looks delicious!

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