Wednesday 19 March 2014

The sky is falling | Outfit






Shirt - Forever 21
T-shirt - Zara
Choker - eBay
Beanie - Primark

Hey guys! Another quickie uni outfit, although I quite like how this one turned out. This is my one and only clothing purchase from Forever 21 and I'm in love with throwing it over everything. The skirt and coat are both cheapie purchases from off brand shops in the Arndale in Manchester, I believe they were both a fiver? A friend actually mistook the coat for a topshop buy when I first bought it, definitely a good compliment for something I got so cheap! This week I've been working on a load of presentations for uni, one is pretty interesting though and involves relating Japanese street styles back to gender equality issues (i.e me spending many hours googling pictures of kogyaru and making cute power points of them). By the way, I've finally got round to publishing my blog's facebook page, so if you have a moment please give it a like HERE. xx


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