Friday 11 April 2014

☆ 21st Birthday ☆


I had such a lovely birthday, with loads of yummy food, hope you guys enjoy the food porn in this post! On the day I was taken as a surprise to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I asked my mum if we could do my cake at home because I hate having it brought out to you in a restaurant in front of everyone (find it uber embarassing), but the waiter found out it was my birthday anyway so I got a slice of cheesecake with a candle in it brought to me (the restaurant was empty anyways so it wasn't that embarrassing after all).





Got some new foundation! The last time I got new foundation was my it lasted me an entire year, I'm pretty impressed with myself :p


I have a tradition of getting a new piercing each birthday, (although won't be doing this forever, obvs) so got a new helix piercing (the lower cartilage ring)

The day after my birthday I went to town with all my friends from home, got a free Ben & Jerry's cone, had my piercing done, went to Wagamamas to gorge ourselves on Japanese food and then went to the pub. Not a bad extended birthday! I got the yaki soba and shared the duck gyoza with my bestie, literally the yummiest thing ever. Between our table we also ordered every pudding on the menu so we could try a bit of everything, definitely a good idea.






I also got some hilarious cards and cute pressies, can't wait to try out the lippies, especially as both are recommended a lot on beauty blogs. Also how cute is my paperchase unicorn rubber? I also am having a family dinner party with godparents etc on Saturday so have got new Missguided dress for the occasion. Hopefully it fits! xx

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