Sunday 27 April 2014

Red wine scented nail polish?! - Revlon Parfumerie in Bordeaux





Revlon Parfumerie in Bordeaux
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I actually had no idea this nail polish was scented until I started applying it, unobservant or what? I picked this up in a recent Boots splurge in their beauty 3 for 2 event, mainly because of the cute bottle and also the fact the colour is amazing. This has a really intense scent of a fruity red wine (I am totes a wine connoisseur), it's far more scented than any other scented polishes I own, to the point where the smell was bothering me a bit an hour after application. But as I type this the day after doing my nails you can only smell red wine now if you give your nails a good sniff (which makes you look totally normal).

The only thing that lets this product down really is the consistency of the polish is a bit odd, which makes it difficult to apply. It also seems to be one of those tacky finish polishes if that makes sense, it still doesn't feel like it's truly dried and the polish is rolling back off the nail a little rather than chipping. That said, cute colour, nice smell (if a little overpowering), bottle which will look nice on your dresser; I will be trying other colours for sure. xx


Unknown said...

Such a rich, beautiful colour! I like the new bottle too. :) Shame about the consistency...

Tara x

shashira said...

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