Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hello hello baby you called, I can't hear a thing

Sooo this is a random post just to update you guys until the photoshoot pics go up soon!! This is what I wore today, black New Look dress worn as a bandage skirt, purple handmedown jumper and Topshop flats.


My My dog eventually had her puppies on Saturday morning, and they are sooo sweet. At this stage they pretty much just eat, sleep and fall asleep while eating but they still look adorable! Their ears haven't flopped over yet so they look like little bats. When they open their eyes in a weeks time I'll post more pictures :)

The other day we bought these homemade cupcakes in hot drink flavours! The top row is Coffee, middle row Hot Chocolate and bottom row Earl Grey Tea. I hate coffee so I didn't try one but the hot choc ones were amazing, and the earl grey ones were too but didn't really taste of earl grey which is dissapointing seeing as I drink about 3 cups of the stuff each day.



iheartvintagex said...

Lovely outfit and awwwww puppies! ♥

Winnie said...

Cupcakes look awesome and the pups are just so so SO adorable!

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