Tuesday 22 December 2009

Not so Merry Christmas

Just thought I'd let the people who read this know I'm not sure I'll be updating for a while or as frequently...I don't know whether I should write this here but:
My house caught fire today and the fire fighters managed to put it out but there's a ton of smoke damage and two rooms are pretty much destroyed. My Granny got both my dogs and the puppies out safely but sadly my cat Alfie ,who I've mentioned in previous posts, was sleeping on my brother's bed, and passed away in his sleep because of the smoke. I'm living with my grandparents for the timebeing while the damage is repaired so I dunno when or if I'll be posting.



Bucca said...

that is so awful honey I hope things get better for you in the new year xx


Oh no! I'm so so so so sorry to hear this. That is absolutely terrible :(. Don't worry about not updating; we definitely understand.

Hope all goes well in the future!

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

That is awful, I'm so sorry! :( xxxx

Imogen said...

Georgie, I'm so so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you right now lovely. I'm very sad about your cat too. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

Becca Joy said...

I'm so sorry, this is awful. I hope you get all the help you need and that your home is restored as soon as possible.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

this is terrible! i really hope you are able to get things up and running again. i am so sorry about your cat =(

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Oh my god... I'm so sorry sweetie :(
That's absolutely terrible. & the fact it happened at Christmas just makes it even worse...

I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now but I'm glad that you & your family are ok, and at least your cat died peacefully.

Hope things get better for you hun and I'm sure they will.

♥ Hannah



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