Thursday 17 December 2009

Je veux ton amour et je veux ton revanche

Sorry this is so late, I tried to put this up 3 days ago but blogger was messing up for me. Here are the photo shoot pics! There aren't many pics of my outfit without my coat on, I couldn't take it off for long because I didn't want to get pneumonia : / It actually started snowing very lightly for a bit today.

Dress ♥ Topshop ♥ Flats ♥ Topshop ♥ Necklace ♥ Urban Outfitters ♥ Beanie ♥ Accesorize ♥ Coat♥ Gap ♥ Scarf ♥ Friend's ♥ Gloves ♥ Old Navy
Haha why yes I do randomly jump up and down in woods, kinda wanted to make an animated gif out of these but I don't have an animation program; any suggestions?
Konad'd my nails..

Granny chic with my scarf..haha
I watched the Grinch at school before I broke up, and the little girl in it was played by Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny from Gossip Girl) when she was young, she was so cute! I also saw paranormal activity today, it was far more scary than I thought it looked from the trailer; I don't think I'll be sleeping soundly for a while!
♥ Arigato gozaimasu to Laura for taking and editing the photos!! ♥


Iulia Romana said...

Loooooove the outfits.And the nail art.And the heart necklace.Gorgeous !

Tiphaine said...

Hey ,
thanks for your nice comment ! Love your outfits !

à bientôt !

Imogen said...

I love the outfits and your nails. I'm very pleased your taking outfit pictures because you are stylish. The place where you took the pictures looks pretty too.

Hollie May said...

you're a beautiful young lady! you remind me of a maiden of the medieval times! very cute :) cute blog as well, lovin the references to japanese fashion :)
Hollie May

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