Sunday 17 October 2010

WAW : 3

I've decided to change my blog series from 'what I wore' to 'what a week'. I don't have a refined enough personal style to give you guys an interesting outfit every day, because most days I feel so blah I just throw on jeans and a hoodie so I'll just give you guys an outfit (or two) highlight and an update on my week!
I'm planning posts ahead now as I'm finding it quite depressing that my blog has been going for over a year and it isn't doing as well as people who have had their blogs up for a lot less time than mine. I'm going to work on quantity over quality, I want Sequins&Beads to become one of those blogs where you feel excited to read their latest post when you see they updated in your blog roll...well maybe its just me who gets excited when my fav bloggers post ^ ^
I really need to straighten my hair more often, look at how scraggly it looks above, and now look at the difference below! I think the flash helps but compared to the above my hair looks like something out of a pantene advert XD
It is now that time of year in England where one minute you are on the brink of frostbite and the next minute you could go out in a t-shirt (although that is rare). I wore my navy knee highs to school for only the second time ever and I don't mean to exaggerate but I nearly DIED my thighs were so cold!! And that was with flesh coloured tights, cycling shorts and knickers underneath! The pervy looks you get from builders are also a minus with knee highs but I still like 'em.

I found all these old scarves of my Granny's that I saved before she took them to a carboot and I hadn't found a use for them yet, so I tried wearing them in my hair a couple of times this week:
I also did a little deco on my glasses case and purse, inspired by Sailor Mercury's lacey glasses case in the live action version of Sailor Moon, and spent the whole of Thursday evening sticking posters/pictures all over my wall - its so nearly finished, then I will do a room tour on the blog!

 I've been watching a ton of Merlin recently, the acting and the jokes and the cgi is bad but some reason I find it hilarious, especially the episode where a goblin gives everyone at court flatulence. Plus it helps that the guy who plays Arthur takes his top off every episode.
I'm really stressed about applying to university, etc. I thought I was going to apply on my gap year but now uni fees are going to be double I feel like maybe I should apply now. Plus people in my year at sixth form are starting to get their first offers - eeek!
     I am becoming fast obssessed with Sailor Moon, where was I when this was on TV in the 90s? I remember Pokemon, Digimon and a little Yu-gi-oh but never any Sailor Moon. The live action version is brilliant, bad acting and terrible Monsters like old Doctor Who, except Dr Who has less short skirts. Unless there was an episode with David Tennant in a kilt which I hope I haven't missed.
     I went to choose two rescue kittens with my family today, we chose a tabby and a black kitten with a white face and paws. They're 3 months old  and at that adorable playful stage, expect cute photos!
  Lastly, look at this clip of Jeremy Kyle being hit in the head with an envelope by someone on his show...the person who threw it deserves a medal for serious frisbee skills and for just hitting Jeremy Kyle in general!

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Ella said...

i really like your pretty headbands!
also love the customising you have got up to
Belle xxxx

Boo said...

Lovely post, I like the last two outfits & your polka dot nails the most! I watched that Jeremy Kyle clip last week, made me chuckle xXx

Insert Psuedonym said...

HELLO TEEN ANGST to the top left picture

Winnie said...

Your hair looks lovely and those knee socks are fab!

I used to adore Sailormoon! My grandma used to send over taped Cantonese dubbed episodes from Hong Kong when I was younger. As a result, I can't stand the American dubbed versions!

BTW. I've always thought your blog was cute!!

Imogen said...

I love your hair straight, it looks amazing. My favourite outfit of yours there is the one with your hair straight. I also like the scarves that you have been wearing as headbands. All of your customisation is so cool and I think you are very good at all of it. I hope that you achieve everything you want with your blog. I know that I do receive more comments than you but I have often had some similar thoughts about other people's blogs being a lot more popular than mine even though they have been up for a much shorter of time. It makes me wonder how all this blog popularity works. Regardless I still love to blog and I also enjoy yours too.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love the first outfit especially. you totally rock the headscarf bow! =)

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