Sunday 10 October 2010

WIW: Week 2

Second week, of what I wore - I'm on a roll! Well technically I should have posted on Friday but I had friends over and I forgot to take photos of what I wore every day so I've just had to recreate each outfit and take photos again...
Tank ♥ Topshop ♥ Cardi ♥ ? ♥ Jeans ♥ Gap ♥ Boots ♥ Ebay

Jumper ♥ Zara ♥ Skirt ♥ American Apparel ♥ Tights ♥ Primark

I disliked this outfit by the time I got to school, I thought the tights were more of a teal colour but they're just a bright blue. I have to get up at 6am every day so the early hour is my excuse for crazy dressing

Tank ♥ Topshop ♥ Heart Locket ♥ Ebay ♥ Hair Bow ♥ Peacocks

Dress ♥ Mum's 80s sundress with the hem taken up ♥ Cardi ♥ Topshop ♥ Flats ♥ New Look ♥ Belt ♥ New Look

Minidress ♥ Ebay ♥ Bandage skirt ♥ Topshop ♥ Lace cycling shorts ♥ Ebay ♥ Pink hair streak ♥ Ebay

I saw lace cycling shorts recommended on iheartvintagex and Flying Saucer so I bought some off Ebay, and they are so useful! Now I don't have to worry whether people can see my undercrackers when I walk up the stairs on the bus or bend over!

Some bonus pictures of my week:
Haha me shouting at my friend when I made her take outfit photos for me 'NO louise turn the camera to portrait!!!', I blacked out my friends face with the retouch tool on Picasa and now it looks creepy like that Doctor Who episode when people lose their faces..*shudder*
Also these were my nails on Friday but the pieces had all fallen off by the end of the day so I had to redo them and take a photo, they are tiny slices of polymer fruit canes I got off Ebay.

I'm writing up another scheduled post now - there WILL be one on Tuesday!

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Nicola said...

Thanks for the lovely comment sweet pea :) Ahhh isn't that AA skirt the bestest! The burgundy looks so good with the grey; I bought a navy one at a jumble sale in London for £2 and it's really versatile! x

Winnie said...

Aw you look lovely in each outfit pic. Love the red cardigan all belted up like that.

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