Monday 25 October 2010

WAW : 4

I've finally broken up for half term! My brother who normally takes outfit photos for me is in Barcelona (lucky bastard) so unfortunately I only have one outfit photo I made him take before he left.


As we had a half day on Friday, I went shopping with friends and although I had promised myself I wouldn't spend anything and save for my gap year instead, I seem to have blown all my money today. First we went and bought delicieusement paninis..

(heart is due to nose spreadage caused by my evident excitement of it being lunch time)

Then to Paperchase, which is a killer because they have a new pattern in their stationery range which is so adorable, its a miracle I only spent a fiver in there! I bought some kawaii stickers and hair clips.

I also did some educational reading in Waterstones...
Then in HMV there was a huge Hello Kitty poster thingy for a tenner which couldn't just be left there all lonesome!! I got a ton of weird looks walking through town with it as they didn't have a bag big enough for it, so I had to endure peoples expressions of confusion on the bus with it propped up against me :P
Hello Kitty is everywhere though, next I went to Boots and there is a whole section of Hello Kitty hair clips and ties, if I am in horrible debt soon it will be because of Hello Kitty!

I also deco'd the backing of my friend's phone for her, which people in my form at school were saying 'how did you do that' and one of the students from Hong Kong said 'oh its sort of Japanese'. I was really suprised that someone else who hadn't been pleaded offered by me to deco something or theirs knew about decoden or at least the intricate art of sticking shiny things on to one's personal possessions originated in Japan, but I suppose Hong Kong gets a lot of Japanese pop culture exported there. Actually, to cut a ramble short I think I'm going to do a whole post on J-pop culture influence on England.
And talking of kitties, last week we had some new additions to the household:
The black kitten is called Noodle, and the Tabby one Zaza. I did argue for names like Momo, Mitsu, Fua, Momiji, Sushi, least my suggestion of Noodle got through! Sorry I don't have better photos of them yet, Zaza blinks when the flash goes off an looks evil, and whenever I produce my camera they attack the wrist cord hanging off it ^ ^

Will be trying to do some posts which aren't week summaries now I have a week off! Thanks for the comments on the last post btw, some were very sweet :3

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I'm FREEZING right now, so I'm majorly wanting to steal those leggings. They look so cozy and comfy, like they belong with a nice, big fire!

And hahaha. I love your pictures with the books. Totally reminds me of awkward sex-ed classes in, like, grade 6.

Imogen said...

I aodre your outfit here especially the skirt. I also like what you bought because fun stationary is always nice. It looks like you had a good day...and educational reading lol. The kittens are the cutest beings ever! I love cats so much they are beautiful.

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