Friday 10 May 2013

Beauty/Accessories haul, plus the best body shop experience EVER

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Was bad and did some shopping the other day, partly justified by the fact my flatmates gave me a belated bday present of a Topshop giftcard so of course it had to be spent ^ ^ I also had the best experience in the Body Shop, I bought my skincare which was £25, to find it was the last day of them giving their loyalty cards for free (normally £5). So I signed up for a free loyalty card which saved me £2.50, and the fact I spent over £20 meant I got a free Body Butter worth £12. Ended up just spending £22.50 and getting £17.50 worth of free stuff! The sales assistant was so nice, I've applied to a job there and Claire's so let's hope someone gets back to me...Also have an end of year ball which my dress arrived for (£13 off ebay, score) and just picked out some simple black heels from H&M for £15. I figured my hair is already pretty bright so I'm just keeping my outfit simple with all black and silver accessories (see the pegasus necklace). xx


Anonymous said...

Oh I do love the body shop... too much! I had a massive splurge there as well and got a massive discount!

new follower


Kirsten Thyra said...

love it !

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