Sunday 19 May 2013

Favourite face + beauty products for oily skin ✰

I often find there doesn't seem to be a huge focus on face products for oily skin, while there is definitely a big focus on dry and sensitive skin. I used to pick up any old skin care (I'm especially a sucker for anything that has cute packaging/is cheap). However over the last couple of months I've been using the Body Shop's seaweed skincare range which is for combination/oily skin. The toner is especially good, I've been fooled into using too-strong toners; but even though my skin is oily it was still too sensitive to some and using a strong toner caused me to break out. Since using this range my skin has been a lot better, I know everyone's skin is different but if you have oily skin consider giving the Body Shop's range a try - at least you know there's no chemical nasties in it ^^

 photo 005-20_zps1d3d330b.png

In terms of beauty products, these are two I reach for ahead of long days and nights out: MAC Matte (which is weirdly difficult to find in store), and ELF's High Definition Powder. I tend to never go for a 'dewy sheen fawn prancing through the meadows' make up look as my skin is oily, and these two really help your skin and foundation stay matte. MAC Matte is applied under the foundation to oil-prone areas and helps everything stay matte and prevent oily patches. ELF's high definition powder is also really good stuff, although slightly pricey for ELF (and described as to be used for being on camera? err). It needs to be blended in well however as it is a very fine white powder, unless of course you are going for casper-chic.

 photo 012-9_zpsdf7fba5c.png

Do you have any recommendations for good make up/skincare for oily skin? Let me know in the comments! xx



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