Saturday 4 May 2013

Uni Recipe | Simple Chicken Ramen

I adapted this from THIS Wagamama recipe. I had always been told Wagamama (わがまま) means arrogant in Japanese but it actually means indulgence or self-indulgence (Japanese student fail), makes sense!

I cook this a lot at uni because it is cheap, yummy and easy to make. I've recently switched to quorn because I'm trying to be healthier and it is much cheaper than buying meat, but it tastes better with real chicken. Obvs.
 photo 009-12_zpsc0e14422.png
 photo 012-9_zps22328e05.png
 photo 013-8_zps382700aa.png
 photo 014-6_zps0a9fcb2c.png
 photo 016-5_zpsd2768734.png
 photo 017-1_zps14536580.png
 photo 019-3_zps55b7af4d.png

Writing this post has made me soo hungry! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, do you have any quick but delicious meals you cook a lot? xx

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Robyn Munro said...

Oh my gosh! I am so trying this. Yum!

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