Saturday 29 March 2014

L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara | Review

I received this mascara for Christmas, and in my opinion it's pretty good. I had been using the Volume Million Lashes mascara, which although gives more volume than the False Lash Flutter Mascara, I always found flaked towards the end of the day, which False Lash Flutter doesn't.


The wand is also pretty interesting, it has a flared shape (not sure how to describe this), with two rows of longer bristles which are really good at combing through the lashes, and especially catching the outer lashes to give the mascara's namesake 'butterfly effect' lashes. The longer flared bristles don't continue the whole way round the wand though, and there are short stubbly ones that are easier to use when coating the bottom lashes.

Without - one coat - two coats

As you can see I have barely visible lashes, as even though I'm naturally a medium brunette my lashes and eyebrows probably fall into the category of a blonde, so this mascara definitely does the job of opening up my eyes and proving I do ACTUALLY have eyelashes.


This holds up pretty well during the day, no flaking and I haven't noticed any smudging due to being lightly rained on (and it rains a lot in Manchester). 

Top: sans mascara - Bottom: two coats, and right eye used Shu Uemura eyelash curler before application

This mascara doesn't have huge volumising and curling effects on the lashes, but if you use good lash curlers before the applying it (or after, you will get a more noticeable effect but this isn't good for your eyelashes) you will get a more noticeable curl.

In Summary:

Pros: No smudging or flaking, good lengthening, combs through lashes well and little to no clumping
Cons: Not brilliant in terms of volumising and curling, slightly on the pricier end (£10.99)

Overall I would really recommend this mascara, perf as usual from L'Oreal! Quite tempted to try the Miss Manga one next, but have read pretty mixed reviews. What's your favourite mascara? xx



Hola Bambi said...

righttt, im getting this! Looks amazing xx

Lima said...

Oooh you can definitely see a difference! I have the Manga one, it really does live up to it's WIDE EYED claims!


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