Tuesday 17 February 2015

What's in my bag? Tokyo Edition ♥

Rucksack - WeGo in Harajuku

Hey guys! I thought it would be interesting to do a what's in my bag post for what I carry around with me in Tokyo, as some things are quite Japan-centric! I've found that carrying round a rucksack (and a hella cute one at that) is a lot more convenient than an over the shoulder bag as I live in the suburbs, so any time I go shopping or whatever is going to be a day out affair, and ain't nobody got time for sore shoulders. 


Purse // Towel // Lipbalm // Tampon // Diary // Headphones // Deodrant // Pen // Painkillers // Tissues // Hand sanistiser // Oil blotting sheets // Portable phone charger // Hair tie // Plasters // Phone // Face mask // Umbrella


Firstly I try to remember to always carry around a small towel with me as the majority of public loos in Japan don't have any method to dry your hands with after you wash them (think this is to do with eco-friendliness), sometimes they don't have soap either so hand sanitisier is pretty useful too. I also always carry tissues, especially as outside in Japan is pretty frigging cold but inside like central heating city a lot of the time (although mental note blowing your nose in public in Japan is like farting in public, so I try and be discreet).

Furthering on the theme of runny noses, I try and carry a face mask with me if I'm ill, as it's considered good manners/a must to wear one of these on trains etc if you are ill as a courtesy to others. Also good for days where you cba to wear make up, polluted/smelly environments and for keeping your face warm! Saying that though I hate wearing them, as they make me feel like I'm suffocating.

Also tampons (pretty hard to buy/find in Japan) are a good idea as I've never seen these sold in women's loos in Japan, and no one wants to get caught short when your body unleashes an elevator scene from the shining moment on you. Another thing I bought recently and think is literally the best invention ever is the portable charger above for when my phone runs out of battery. I hadn't seen these in the UK before but I'm guessing they must be available, such a good idea!

Is there anything in your daily bag that's unique to the country you live in? xx



Serene Kurd said...

I love your bag & The hand sanitizer is a MUST for me! also that stunning fluorescent purse is gorgeous :)

Serene xoxo


Georgie said...

Thank you! Yes hand sanitiser is such a life saver! Definitely a must-have for me :) xx

Colleen said...

The elevator scene from the Shining LMFAO!!!

Thanks for your birthday wishes :)


EllenAtlanta said...

I love that backpack! <3

Georgie said...

You're welcome! xx

Georgie said...

Thanks hun! :) xx

Georgie said...

Thank youu :) xx

melaniekay said...

This looks very similar to what is in my purse lol. I love your purple backpack!
Melanie @ meandmr.com

Georgie said...

Thanks! xx

HRWLifestyle said...

Some great ideas :) really want to visit Japan! Love, love, love the purse, where is it from? RW x

Georgie said...

Thanks! The purse was a gift, but it's from LYDC - www.lydc.co.uk :) xx

Cassandra Jane said...

Oh, wow. Good things to know about Japan!

I knew they were discreet, but I didn't know blowing your nose was like farting! That's very interesting to me, haha. And I ALWAYS see Japanese tourists with face masks. I thought it was because the air/people here disgusted them (which I didn't blame them for). I'm so glad I read that.

P.S. Very colorful things you've got! Cute ^__^

Jing-Jing said...

I love how you have so much Hello Kitty stuff!
I guess living in the UK I always have an umbrella haha. However, whenever I go back to Hong Kong I always make sure I have tissues and hand sanitiser. This is because you don't always get to clean your hands after eating at a restaurant as there's no napkins/toilets to do so.

JasminCharlotte said...

This is so interesting! I never really think what must be different. I loove your wallet, and totally agree on taking a backpack - I am usually lugging my laptop around for work and it is so much better than a shoulder bag. Though I need a much prettier one, mine is just plain black! xx

Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

Ana Luiza said...

There aren't many different things in my bag... Well, I don't think that carrying a book everywhere I go is unusual, right? haha. By the way, your Hello Kitty stuff are very pretty ♥


Winnie_dc said...

Love this - that bag is just the cutest! I had no idea about the towel/soap thing, I'll have to make a mental note of that when I visit Japan (whenever that will be!). Oh the tampon thing is generally an Asian thing - the pads are definitely more plentiful over there, This is the same in HK too! Love this post!

Lauren said...

I always have painkillers too, essential to have

tia_cherie said...

These posts are always so fun, I want to do one myself soon actually. I am so super in love with your wallet. Where is it from? So perfect. We have portable chargers over here and I don't know what I'd do without mine.

Georgie said...

Nope it's literally because they're ill and trying to be respectful of others most of the time! Before I learnt about Japanese culture though I was so confused by tourists wearing masks in the UK!

Georgie said...

Yup and umbrella is essential for the UK, I always have mine in Japan too although it doesn't rain half as much! Dying to visit hong kong, I had the same issue with the lack of toilets in restaurants in korea too ^^

Georgie said...

Thanks! Ikr so much better for back support. I want to visit in like a chic black leather rucksack too though as I feel it would go with more outfits!

Georgie said...

Not at all! I need to start bringing a book with me for when my phone dies on the train haha. Thank you :)

Georgie said...

You do occasionally run into a hand dryer in japan but it drives me insane to leave a public loo with wet hands! That's interesting it's not just japan that has a lack of tampons, I wonder if it's a cultural thing or people just prefer pads in Asia!

Georgie said...

For sure! :)

Georgie said...

Definitely do, I always love seeing other people's versions of these posts! The wallet is from LYDC, I'm not sure if they do worldwide shipping but worth a look (http://www.lydc.co.uk/). I'm sure we have portable chargers in the UK too but I'd never seen them in shops before, they're such a life saver!

Cassandra Jane said...

Yup, I read that! I wonder why other cultures barely do that.

Gabrielle RoseBonniee said...

That´s really nice ! I like to read articles like this ! :) Lovely photos ♥

Love from Slovakia ~

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