Friday 11 December 2009

I'm living in lucid dreams

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Do you like the new header? I think it was wise that I'm not still doing art haha...but I think my blog looks nice and Christmassy now! I've been playing around with the layout and decided to keep my pics small and neat, but if you have any other suggestions as to making the blog better leave it in the comments or do the poll to the right!! >>>>>

The outfit photos Laura took will be up very soon! So I bought a Konad Nail Art Set a while ago after seeing a tutorial for a gorgeous lace design on Lolita Charm, and in the photo shoot coming up my nails are done so I thought I'd give you guys a how to. I do pretty simple designs because I'm impatient and muck them up but its fun and easy to do. You can get starter sets if you do a simple search on Ebay for under £10. Might make a good Xmas pressie for someone!
First choose your nail base colour, and the colour your design will be using the Konad nail polishes. Make sure you use bold colours so the design stands out.

Paint your nails the base colour

Choose the design from your plates that you want to put on your nails.. Cover the design with your Konad nail polish
Gently scrape off the nail polish using the scraper
Roll the stamper gently over the design to pick it up

Roll the stamp over your nail in a gentle motion





Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

I didn't know konad nail art was so simple! ♥

Imogen said...

These nails are amazing, thanks for sharing. I also love the new header. I think its very good- far better than I could ever do.

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