Monday 14 December 2009

Shiny shiny boots of leather

This is what I wore to a pre-christmas lunch with my cousins, kind of festive goth look seeing as I was all black but the necklace print on my dress makes up for the lack of Christmassy colours. Also today I finally got some combat boots! I wandered into New Look after school and found them for £30 which is waaay better than what I was going to spend getting them off Ebay. The photoshoot pics are ready so I'll be putting them up tommorow. I'm off to bottle feed the puppies, their eyes are starting to open..kawaii! ♥

My cousins got me this bracelet from an antique fair, and my friend 'Firestarter' made me these earrings for Christmas. Sorry about the terrible photo of the earrings, I'm having problems with my camera :(

This post is dedicated to my friend Lindy, hence the title hehe xx


Linden said...

Hahahah, I love it!! 'Venus In Furs' (aka shiny shiny boots of leather) is one of the best Velvet Underground songs EVER!!!!!

You looked lovely in your boots today at school, and thankyou for my present.

Love youuuuuuuu

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