Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm so starstruck

So I went back into town again, and on impulse I decided to buy some of these stickers from Accessorize and deco-den my phone while I was having lunch. Its no way near as impressive as some deco-den on peoples ipods and phones with Swarovski crystals but it still makes me feel a tiny bit decora with my Strapya world Panda and Fridge baby charms on as well.

I also bought a new miniskirt from New Look, since my last one I bought when I was 13, and it was waaay too short!! I like the zip detail on the pocket but I'm not sure whether the studded detail is too much? Its all over the back pockets as well.
We also went into Monsoon and tried on the Bridesmaids dresses/evening dresses for fun (yes we're cool). They're completely out of my price range (about £200) and I've no idea when I'd ever wear something like this. To a wedding maybe, still they were so beautiful!

With my friend Louise, haha I look a bit scary in this one, my eyebrows have a tendency to go Jack Nicholson on me.

Louise & Chloe
I also finished off my gift card and bought this owl necklace for £8. Now onto the second one!
Starry scarf is my friends'.
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Vanilla said...

Your phone looks so cute! :)

Love vanilla

Leia said...

Love all the dresses!

Lori said...

that owl necklace is cute!

Anonymous said...

oooh i love it all :)

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

So cute, love the owl necklace! & those dresses are beautiful



Audrey Allure said...

Cute stickers, and I adore the owl necklace!

I love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Sarah said...

I Love going in monsoon and trying the dresses on !!! I have not done it in ages though! Its fun pretending your going to a uni ball or something!

Tiphaine said...

Love the stickers !

See ya'!


Aww! I love what you did with your phone. I totally embellish all my things. It just makes everything SO much funner!

And isn't trying on dresses just so much fun? Its like playing dress up when you were a child.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sherin said...

Great job on decorating your phone! And love the New Look kirt. The studs aren't too much at all.

And love your dressing up! It sounds like fun. I think I need to go out and do that as well.

Unknown said...

thats looks soo cute nice image very pretty i love to see youre post again

Imogen said...

I like what you did to your phone, great job. I also like the studded detail on the skirt. I have an owl necklace very similar to the one you just posted.

Anonymous said...

PUFFY phone! Oh man if i was sitting next to you i'd spend so much time squishing your puffy stickered phone

Winnie said...

I love the stickers at accessorize, I always buy them to decorate birthday cards!

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