Sunday 28 February 2010

On fond comme des glaçons

Strapya world giveaway finishes today and the winner is...*drumroll*

I'll send you an email soon about posting!

I thought I'd share these animated gifs I just managed to work out how to make, I wanted to post them before when I did this post but couldn't find anywhere online to animate the photos for me but now I have! This is me messing around while my friend was taking photos of me ^ ^



Haha I'm not the most elegant runner!

Not much to report today, I should be doing an enormous amount of homework such as psychology essays on stress (which make me stressed, ironic much) and French presentations on illegal downloading..when would I be talking about that in English let alone in French?? Naturally the first thing I do when I go to France is accost some stranger and ask (in French) if they watch pirate DVDs. Haha okay rant over!
Tommorow I'm off to London on an Ancient History school trip to go look at bits of pottery and such in a museum. I'll take my camera and try and get some photos to put up.


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Vanilla said...

have fun on the trip! Your striped dress is gorgeous, I love it :)

Love vanilla

Iulia Romana said...

:)) Funny photos,love the outfit !

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

awww such a lovely prize, congrats on Laura for winning!
Love your striped dress - Taylor Momsen has one which is almost identical



louise said...

love the striped dress, i've bought so many striped things recently they seem to be all i notice!

April said...

haha i love the gifs!

Leslie said...

I like these photos :)

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